Looking for a speaker or workshop presenter?

Dan and Fred have been teaching leadership and presenting on leadership themes at conferences, community events, corporate trainings, churches and special events for decades. We are passionate about our message and about the need to impact change. Our goal is to change the way organizational leadership occurs so that these organizations are more successful in accomplishing their mission and reaching their vision.

We are very interactive presenters. In fact, we believe that the interactive nature of leadership can be demonstrated as part of our leadership message.

Because of the interactive nature of our presentations, we prefer longer periods of time where we can get into substantive conversations about what leadership is, how it differs from other forms of influence, and how people can practice leadership. In fact, we have been known to negotiate for more time in exchange for a smaller fee.

However, we can also present the half hour or one hour presentation when there is a time constraint. We understand that sometimes we cannot spend an entire day or week talking about these issues and ideas. So yes, we do have the power point presentation we can pull out when necessary.