Strategic Planning

Looking for help to develop and implement your strategic plan?

Our no nonsense approach makes it easy!

We know you’re busy.  We know you probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to strategic planning.  But we also know how critical a strategic planning roadmap is to the success of your organization.  That’s why we’ve developed a quick, easy, and effective strategic planning process.  Ours is not the 3 day, off-site process that often times prove to be excruciating.  But rather, ours is a process that can be successfully completed in less than 8 hours.

The Process

We usually divide the planning into two 3-hour sessions.  The first session focuses on identifying the strategic challenges and strategies.  During this session, we encourage participation from many stockholders as our process allows for the inclusion of many people without sacrificing efficient use of time.  We believe it’s better to include people in this process than to try and sell it to them after the fact.  The outcome of this first 3-hour session will be the development of a set of strategic goals and objectives.

The second 3-hour session focuses on the development of an action plan.  Most strategic plans fail to be implemented due to the lack of an action plan.  During this session, each objective (or strategies) will be broken down into a set of near-term actions, each with a timeline and person responsible to oversee its completion.  We also recommend some kind of regular follow up sessions be scheduled to assure these actions are getting done.

Reflection upon or development of mission, vision and values statements may also be included.