Leadership Coaching

Need coaches for your leaders and managers?

Dan and Fred also perform leadership and management coaching for organizations. The first rule of coaching is that the participants have to WANT to be there. If not, it is a waste of time for us and the organization.

We have been asked to do coaching for some “problem employees” who see coaching as a punishment. We hear from organizations that “this person just can’t work with people… can you coach them so they take can relate to people or better care for their people?”

The answer is NO. Leadership and management coaching is for people who are striving to get better. It works best for people who WANT the coaching, maybe even asked for it. Perhaps it is a person who was just promoted into a new responsibility. Perhaps it is someone who feels they have just been in a rut and have stopped learning and growing. Perhaps it is just someone who is looking for a new challenge.

We will challenge these people to learn, and give them ideas about how to grow. We will introduce research-based methods and well-established theories of leadership and management. We will suggest things to read, things to try and things to do differently. But mostly, we will listen. And we will customize our work and our suggestions to that individual person.