Board Development

Need to develop your board of directors?

Dan and Fred have worked with many boards of directors. We understand that sometimes boards break down and get into a rut. Perhaps just a few people are doing all the work. If this describes your board of directors, we would be glad to work with you to breathe some new life into your board and renew commitment to your mission, values and vision.

We work with organizational leaders to customize all of our consulting work. We believe that the first job of a consultant is to listen and then to respond to the specific needs of that client.  There is no such thing as a boiler plate program for any organization.

However, we can tell you that many boards we have worked with start with visiting the ByLaws to see what changes might need to be made about board size, terms, roles and responsibilities. Based on that work, it is customary to develop a board job description if none exists, or to re-negotiate with board members what they see as the critical role that the board plays.

We also look at how board meetings are being run, so they become “meetings to problem solve”, instead of the usual “meetings to inform” or “meetings to persuade” that usually characterize board meetings. We can do a team-building training that teaches people the art of running a meeting that places real issues on the table and tries to solve them.

We have also helped organizations go through a process of putting together a nominating committee, identifying needs on the board, brainstorming names of possible candidates, recruiting new members and eventually, conducting a board orientation for new members.

Once the board is fully in place and committed to their work, we often facilitate a process of strategic planning with the new board. A strategic planning process is a good way to get board members to recommit to serving the organization. A fresh vision, new goals, new objectives, and a solid action plan can breathe life into a stagnate board.